DFT Settop Box

Digital Freedom Technology, (DFT) is developing an entire line of set top boxes for the cable television industry employing the newly patented Beyond Broadband Technology (BBT) downloadable security design (BBTSolution.com). The set top boxes work with a fully integrated service platform.This approach is solving the need for low-cost, highly versatile set-top boxes. The use of the DFT set top box combined with BBT downloadable security enabled the creation of a totally unique video delivery platform designed to allow cable operators of any size the ability to effectively compete in the digital video marketplace. The combination encompasses a powerful, end-to-end service architecture that offers video providers an affordable means to upgrade from their HITS or analog networks to MPEG-4 and high definition (HD) cable TV services.

The DFT set top, combined with the BBT downloadable service offering is capable of delivering hundreds of HD and SD channels. It enables the operator to offer premium services and increase revenue per subscriber, as well as providing existing analog and digital channels. The service platform puts the control back in the hands of the cable operator. The operator controls which channels are offered and how they are offered. Changes are as simple as a few clicks in the management interface.

Digital Freedom Technology has developed the Model HDDS-24, as the first in it's line of BBT-enabled set top boxes. The HDDS-24 contains both analog and digital tuners, so no RF analog bypass is needed to the subscriber's television. IP-based programming is available with an external USB ethernet adapter. HD and SD digtital programming are supported, including MPEG 2 and MPEG 4. HDMI and component video are included for digital output, as are composite and RF channel 3 for analog output.

The system HeadEnd Controller (HEC) provides access control and channel maps, telling the HDDS-24 STB which channels to deliver to the customer's television, and on which virtual channel number.

This new design will allow operators to quickly and inexpensively migrate from analog to digital transmission, including high definition, thus maximizing bandwidth availability. The BBTSolution™ design includes a highly secure downloadable conditional access system that can be used on both one-way and two-way cable systems. The encryption system uses established and proven encryption algorithms that greatly increase the level of currently used cable security standards.